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Why is Water Testing Needed?

Water analysis is the first step in determining the quality of the water you use in your home or commercial enterprise.

  • Private water supplies are never tested by any official body and it is the responsibility of a homeowner to look after and safeguard their own water supply.
  • Well and surface waters are vulnerable to pollution and should be checked for bacteria and nitrates on an annual basis.
  • Chemical issues such as discoloration, corrosion and lime scale are caused by the natural rock formations in the well. 

Is Bangalore water supply safe for drinking ?

Water Testing Labs In Bangalore

For the period April 2015 to March 2016, analysis of 2,728 water samples from various agencies and individuals was conducted by the bacteriology department of the state laboratory of Public Health Institute (PHI) in Bengaluru. Of them, 1,656 were found to be unfit for drinking and approximately 10 per cent of the samples had high amounts of chemical contaminants that could cause several ailments

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Causes of Water Pollution

Sewage And Waste Water

These wastes contain harmful chemicals and toxins which make the bore water /acquifers poisonous. This is often a case when the bore well is not buit properly.


Dumping of solid wastes and litters in water bodies causes huge problems. Litters include glass, plastic, aluminum, styrofoam etc. Different things take different amount of time to degrade in water.

Industrial Waste

Industrial waste contains pollutants like asbestos, lead, mercury and petrochemicals which are extremely harmful to both people and environment. Industrial waste is discharged into lakes and rivers by using fresh water making the water contaminated.Hence the sample must be variefied at water testing labs in Bangalore.

Oil Pollution

The spilled oil does not dissolve in water and forms a thick sludge polluting the water.

Acid Rain

Acid rain is pollution of water caused by air pollution. When the acidic particles caused by air pollution in the atmosphere mix with water vapor, it results in acid rain.


Eutrophication is an increased level of nutrients in water bodies. This results in bloom of algae in water. Water testing labs in Bangalore tests depleted the oxygen content in water.


With latest analytical methodologies and state-of-the-art facilities it is now possible to test the Drinking and Industrial water as per your requirement.

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