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Water Quality in Bangalore


Traditional sources of water like municipal supply, lakes etc are failing to meet the rising demand . Indiscriminate sinking of borewells has also contributed to the groundwater pollution in Bangalore alarmingly.


Water samples collected from residents were tested, found that in many areas, the level of micro-minerals like Fluoride and Nitrate was also alarmingly high.


The Underground Drainage has been mixing with the groundwater, making the Water Sources Toxic


The borewells need regular maintenance and the water in them needs to be tested often. This would ensure that the water quality is monitored and controlled

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How does Water Pollution affect your health?

Water Pollution in Bangalore

  • Increase in the intake of certain minerals would lead to imbalance in the functioning of body enzymes.This condition is called as competitive exclusion, wherein certain minerals are forced to be absorbed by the body and could lead to multiple health problems.
  • Further, diseases like anaemia, problems to the skeletal structure including teeth and bones, skin problems, and in some cases, serious illness like cancer could also occur.
  • Polluted water is sure to have a direct impact on our health, and set off complications among a large section of the populace. It highly recommended to get water tested time to time.


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